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Breeders' Cup Saturday - November 3, 2018

Invitation to join my Pick 6 Syndicate for the big day at Churchill Downs.

The Pick 6 is not a bet to get involved if you have a working man's budget,

but a syndicate, where we join forces to be able to afford a strong betting plan,

makes a lot of sense - especially on Breeders' Cup days, when all exotics

tend to pay a lot more than what they would on normal racedays. We are

betting against the world on these occasions, and the world know little

about horseracing - even less about betting. So let''s have a crack at it!

Shares in this syndicate cost $200 / £155. Maximum two shares per player, making this a syndicate that is interesting to all players. Maximum number of shares is 20 - invitations close when we have that number. Payments of shares and winnings transferred via PayPal. For organising this syndicate - where I will take two shares myself - I am deducting 10% from any net profit if we are successful. As we are based in Europe, there will be no tax deduction if we get a big payout.

Deadline to join this syndicate is Tuesday, October 30.

Breeders' Cup Special subscribers given preference if it's over subscribed.

Payment of shares can be made now via the order page.

Please email me on [email protected] if you would like to join in.

Good luck to us!

Geir Stabell